Site Assessment


The initial step with any potential new client is a “site assessment.” First, Aqua Greens will review the architect’s site plan (if one exists) or examine the site on Google Earth to gain a better understanding of the size and shape of their pond/aqua range. Once the site is reviewed, Aqua Greens will have a conversation with the client and listen to their goals, such as:

Will it strictly be used as a warm-up facility for golfers prior to a round of golf?
Or will the aqua range be heavily populated by golfers? 
Will they use the range for adult and junior coaching programs and schools?  
Do they require a playable, infilled turf surface that will hold shots or is it okay if the ball ricochets off the green?

Once the client is familiar with the options available to them (Yardage Markers, Target Greens or Island Greens) and the cost of each, in addition to installation, we can move onto the design phase of the project.

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