Floating Greens


Aqua Greens offers a variety of durable, reliable floating greens for your aqua range, pond or waterfront property, from entry-level Yardage Markers and mid-sized Target Greens to super-sized Island Greens that look and play like a professional green. The bigger the floating green, the more we’re able to customize it for you in terms of size, shape, bunkers, vegetation, etc. All of our greens are built in our New Hampshire production facility using the finest milled aluminum, skirting material and marine-grade floating docks, then shipped to your property where it is unloaded and installed by our team.

island Greens

Our Island Greens are designed to deliver a realistic golf experience by simulating the soft landing of a ball onto a regular green surface. 


This is what you’re most likely to find on an aqua range. Target Greens are a size or two down from our Island Greens and blend nicely into the course environment.


Simple, classy and affordable, these small, circular-shaped greens provide a reference point and instant feedback for golfers.