Island Greens


Our Island Greens are designed to deliver a realistic golf experience by simulating the soft landing of a ball onto a regular green surface. The playability of our Island Greens is achieved with the help of a huge landing zone of specialized turf that gets “infilled” with sand to simulate a real green. The infill process involves installing a shaggy putting turf and topdressing it with a thin layer of sand. The sand is then broomed into the fabric of the turf. This process is repeated several times until the turf is completely full of sand, resulting in a turf that is very receptive and holds a well-struck golf ball. Good shots are rewarded and don’t ricochet off the surface and into the water. As such, our Island Greens provide golfers with an authentic golfing experience that rivals anything they’d see on their favorite golf course. 

Our entry-level Island Green size is 20’ x 30’ although we’ve installed custom islands as large as 40’ x 80’ feet, or 3,200 square feet. The time and attention Aqua Greens has devoted to designing and engineering this world-class Island Green product line has allowed it to evolve into the gold standard for floating Island Greens.

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