Floater ball containment systems are designed to: 1) protect your inventory from washing away downstream or disappearing in the weeds; and 2) reduce the amount of time (and money spent) it takes to have workers pick the shoreline. Besides saving on labor costs, they also improve worker safety by lessening exposure to active fairways and dangerous wildlife (i.e., alligators and snakes).

Depending on the size of your pond or aqua range, a large containment system can reduce the amount of “live” shoreline to be picked by as much as 75 percent. This is done by partitioning off a larger area of the range, prohibiting balls from going beyond the general landing area where most tee shots wind up.   

The containment system is a floating barrier that projects about 6 inches above the water line and a foot below the surface. Think of a continuous pool noodle floating above the surface with a curtain hanging down from it. We tether this long, curtain-like barrier to one shoreline and stretch it across to another, thus sealing off the area beyond the barrier and preventing balls from washing up on hundreds of yards of shoreline

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